Gearing Up For The Next Crash

Do you know what to do in the case of a market crash? Nobody knows when the next crash is coming, which is why Zack Shepard, Matson Money’s Vice President of Communications, talked with us about how we can gear up for the next crash – whether it’s tomorrow or in five years. Check out […]

Don’t Let Today’s Headlines Dictate The Future Of Your Investments

The reality is that no one knows what’s going to happen in the future. Headlines can provoke investors to become anxious and make portfolio changes that may not be in their best interest. When new information hits the airwaves the market quickly prices it in. Our job is to help keep people disciplined in the […]

Matson Money Investor Symposium 2016: OMG Global Economic Armageddon

Zack Shepard, VP of Communications at Matson Money, explored the concept of “Armageddon Fatigue,” especially in this heightened time of fear in our country, and reminds us of all the amazing things happening in our world every day, and why the American Dream is still possible in the midst of so much perceived panic and […]

InvestmentNews Exclusive: How To Build An Optimized Portfolio

Zack and Kenny joined host Matt Ackermann to discuss how to build an optimized portfolio. Within, they explain why the key to building a portfolio comes down to science and academics. Best regards, Mark

InvestmentNews Exclusive: 3 Simple Rules to Navigate Bull and Bear Markets

Zack joined host Matt Ackermann to discuss three simple rules to navigate bull and bear markets. Zack said investors need to own equities, diversify globally and rebalance regularly to navigate any market. Best regards, Mark

January Jolts the Stock Market

The January 2016 market jolt (93% of investors lost money according to CNN) has startled many investors who then may determine their long-term investing results by giving in to knee-jerk fear driven reactions (i.e. monthly returns). In this video, we reveal some powerful new charts that historically illustrate how longer holding periods shift expected portfolio […]

The Fed’s Attempted Jedi Mind Trick

The Federal Reserve’s recent rate hike created a media frenzy and enticed many investors to make knee-jerk reactions based on the news.  Zack Shepard of Matson Money puts it in perspective letting investors know what they should be focused on and how you can manage the frenzy in this recent BNN appearance. Keep it real, […]

Investment News Exclusive: Online Addiction

In this era of instant gratification, 24-hour news channels and robo-advice, how can you try to overcome online investing addictions that can be detrimental to your wealth? Zack Shepard of Matson Money has some advice in this interview with Investment News. Keep it real, Mark

Investment News Exclusive: Ethical Investing

When looking for the right adviser/coach, investors need to consider the importance of ethics in their selection. Michelle Matson and Zack Shepard of Matson Money sit down with Matt Ackerman to discuss some critical steps to take in order to find an ethical match between adviser and investor. Keep it real, Mark