Women As A Financial Powerhouse

Women are a huge part of today’s economy, and as investors, need to prepare to control a majority of the wealth in our country. Finding the right education and approach to the investing process is a big part of that challenge. Beyond spreadsheets and data, women want to know how investing will impact their lives, […]

Matson Money Investor Symposium 2016: Dressed to Invest

Michelle Matson, VP of Marketing at Matson Money, sheds light on the differences in priorities and approaches between men and women when it comes to investing. Women today are largely¬† unprepared to lead financially, and now is the time to step up and get in the investing game. Women are ready and able to take […]

Investment News Exclusive: Ethical Investing

When looking for the right adviser/coach, investors need to consider the importance of ethics in their selection. Michelle Matson and Zack Shepard of Matson Money sit down with Matt Ackerman to discuss some critical steps to take in order to find an ethical match between adviser and investor. Keep it real, Mark