Brexit Aftermath

Check out this powerful video about how Matson Money managed through Brexit, what specific actions we have taken as a result and what it means to your portfolio. Best regards, Mark

Brexit – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The news overnight out of Great Britain has rocked markets and has many panicking and wondering what they should do with their portfolios. If you are wondering about the impact of Great Britain’s historic vote on your portfolio, check out this video. Keep it real, Mark

Investor Relapse

Sticking with a prudent investment strategy is an ongoing conflict against bad habits and instincts, don’t let your long-term strategy get derailed by short-sighted reactions. Discover how one moment of investing weakness can alter your destiny in this compelling video! Best regards, Mark

The Tax Man Cometh

Year-end distributions are a fact of investing and we put them into perspective in this video. Learn the potential impact to portfolios and some eye-opening investing industry statistics are revealed that you will definitely want to see. Keep it real, Mark

The Incredible Shrinking Time Horizon

Many investors have voiced concerns about their individual time horizon and their ability to recover from down markets, which demonstrates confusion and could lead to imprudent investing decisions. Check out this video for a much needed discussion on appropriate time horizons and new research based on actual investors’ portfolio choices! Keep it real, Mark

Is Something Wrong With Our Portfolios?

After two years of low to negative returns, some people may be asking the question: Is Something Wrong With Our Portfolios? Investors don’t only make bad choices after huge negative returns, they can also make poor decisions after flat returns. Should investors expect to make money every year? Keep it real, Mark

The Crucial Role of Fixed Income

Make sure you watch this video! This research could have a significant impact on the fixed income portion of Matson Money portfolios in the future. We’re breaking down the crucial role of Fixed Income and its three major advantages as part of a diversified portfolio. Find out how we structure, engineer and implement these elements […]

Do Sophisticated Investors Really Exist?

We hear the term sophisticated investor a lot which causes us to ask the question, do they exist? We also reveal a massive disconnect between what many investors want as far as portfolio returns and what they really receive. We address these topics and much more in this video! Keep it real, Mark

The Greek Debacle Quick Hit

You asked, so here it is. This video pretty much gives you everything you need to know regarding the Greek economic turmoil, country defaults and the effect these things can have on markets summed up in under nine minutes! Keep it real, Mark