What Market Volatility Means For You

I joined host Liz Claman last week to note my thoughts on current market fluctuations, to remind investors not to let fear of short-term volatility distract them from long-term goals, and to stay focused on the next 20 years. Best regards, Mark

Can The Fed Move The Market?

Can The Fed Move The Market?

I answer this crucial question by discussing what moves the market and what investors should try to focus on in this Fox Business segment. Make sure you watch this impactful two minute video and share it with everyone you know. Keep it real, Mark

It Gets Heated on CNBC

Ok gang… this one gets ugly before it’s over.  Watch me take on two CNBC talking heads simultaneously.  It’s hard to get anyone to understand something they get paid not to. Keep it real, Mark

On Air With Cavuto

Last night I returned to Cavuto to remind people not to jump on the bandwagon for a hot stock. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your portfolio; keep your strategy on target with rebalancing regardless of temporary market swings. Keep it real, Mark