Women As A Financial Powerhouse

Women are a huge part of today’s economy, and as investors, need to prepare to control a majority of the wealth in our country. Finding the right education and approach to the investing process is a big part of that challenge. Beyond spreadsheets and data, women want to know how investing will impact their lives, […]

Investors’ Biggest Financial Worries

Many investors have historically depended on company pension plans and social security to make it in retirement. With the shift toward personal retirement planning many investors are worried. Preparation is a key factor in living the retirement you’re after. Life is full of tough choices, but remember that your financial decisions today will impact your […]

Don’t Let Today’s Headlines Dictate The Future Of Your Investments

The reality is that no one knows what’s going to happen in the future. Headlines can provoke investors to become anxious and make portfolio changes that may not be in their best interest. When new information hits the airwaves the market quickly prices it in. Our job is to help keep people disciplined in the […]

InvestmentNews Exclusive: Millennials Are Uninformed When It Comes To Retirement Planning

Amanda joined Shannon Rosic to discuss why millennials struggle to save money. Amanda explained that the younger generation was never taught basic financial skills but she recommends they can start saving by putting aside money towards retirement rather than wasteful spending. Best regards, Mark

InvestmentNews Exclusive: Why Millennials Aren’t Ready To Be Financial Advisers

Mark and Amanda joined Matt Ackermann to discuss the role of millennials in the financial services industry. Within, Mark said advisory firms need to stop categorizing people as millennials and start hiring and mentoring them. Best regards, Mark

InvestmentNews Exclusive: Matsonism or Song Lyric?

Mark joined host Matt Ackermann to explain what inspired him to write his latest book. The InvestmentNews host also quizzed Mark on famous song lyrics that sound like Matsonisms.

InvestmentNews Exclusive: Why Is Tech Investing The Last Thing On Adviser’s Minds?

Steve joined host Matt Ackermann to discuss why advisers need to keep up with new technology. He recommended keeping an inventory of technology and eliminating anything that is old or outdated. Best regards, Mark

InvestmentNews Exclusive: 3 Simple Rules to Navigate Bull and Bear Markets

Zack joined host Matt Ackermann to discuss three simple rules to navigate bull and bear markets. Zack said investors need to own equities, diversify globally and rebalance regularly to navigate any market. Best regards, Mark

InvestmentNews Exclusive: Who Does the DOL Fiduciary Rule Help, Hamper?

In this InvestmentNews clip, I joined Matt Ackermann to discuss the new fiduciary rule and how it will force RIAs to make some adjustments to their business. I explained how the new rule will impact investors, robos, broker dealers and “mom and pop” advisers. Keep it real, Mark