Smart Money 20th Anniversary Edition

We are pleased to announce that the 20th Anniversary Edition of How the Really Smart Money Invests: A Brief History Of Investing video is now available! Watch this video and learn: What Nobel Prize winners have discovered about the nature of the market and how they utilize this information to invest their own money. Why […]

A Strong America Is Good For The Whole World

I joined host Neil Cavuto as stocks reached all-time highs to talk about the White House’s role in this year’s market advance. I also delivered my market sentiment and advised why investors shouldn’t try to time the market. Best regards, Mark

25 Years Of Investing Breakdowns

The last 25 years have created many opportunities for investors to make costly mistakes. Check out this crucial episode of Matson Money Live! where we uncover some of the deadly mistakes investors have made. These are the pitfalls investors really need to protect against. Best regards, Mark

On Air With Cavuto

Last night I returned to Cavuto to remind people not to jump on the bandwagon for a hot stock. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your portfolio; keep your strategy on target with rebalancing regardless of temporary market swings. Keep it real, Mark

Live With Cheryl Casone

I’m back in the hot seat, waging the battle against stock picking. In this segment with Cheryl Casone, I share how Small Cap and International stocks play a major role in creating a prudently diversified portfolio and why buying individual stocks increases an investors’ risk exposure. Keep it real, Mark

Mark’s Appearance on CNBC “The Call”

An outlook on the markets, with Mark Matson, Matson Money CEO and Dean Barber, Barber Financial Group.

Mark on CNBC “Power Lunch,” Afternoon Market Check

I’m in NYC doing a media tour, and this is the clip from my appearance on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” in studio. Check it out if you missed it!

Mark Matson on CNBC: The Dark Side of Annuities

  Mark points out the dark side of buying annuities as a “safe haven”  in difficult market conditions.