Don’t Get Overconfident On Record Highs

I joined Liz Claman on a record day for stocks to explain why equities are one of the greatest wealth creation tools on the planet and to remind investors that they must be in the stock market in order to benefit. Despite the Dow record, it is important to remember to diversify and not focus […]

My Recent Appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell!

From the heart and engine of capitalism on the exchange floor, I share where investors should be focused. Owning equities long-term is historically positive for investors, don’t try to time the market – own it! Best regards, Mark

Is The Current Rally The Real Deal?

Is the current rally the real deal? Mark weighs in on the current rally, the fed, and cautions investors about short-term market predictions. Buying equities when they’re down is the opposite of what many investors have been doing in the last twelve months – it takes patience and courage to buy equities when everyone else […]

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Many investors were scared out of stocks in 2008-09 and are still sitting on the sidelines. Check out my message on CNBC for all investors as they explore whether or not to trust the stock market. Keep it real, Mark

The Worst Decision Ever

Check out my appearance on “Money with Melissa Francis” where we talked about new polls showing investors shunning equities in favor of real estate. She also asked me to stick around for a bonus segment in which I was able to discuss the danger of investing in IPOs. Leave me a comment and let me […]

Market Panel – CNBC “Kudlow Report”

On the Kudlow Report, we talked about if President Obama is becoming “business and capitalism friendly,” and why I’m always bullish on equities. Check it out and let me know what you think… leave me a comment.   Keep it real, Mark