Fist Fight on CNBC

It got intense with CNBC hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth when I tried to explain why investors need to remain diversified. I also reminded investors that it’s impossible to predict what an individual stock is going to do and for how long, so staying diversified, rebalancing and owning all the stocks in an asset […]

The Crucial Role of Fixed Income

Make sure you watch this video! This research could have a significant impact on the fixed income portion of Matson Money portfolios in the future. We’re breaking down the crucial role of Fixed Income and its three major advantages as part of a diversified portfolio. Find out how we structure, engineer and implement these elements […]

A Taste of How To Invest

A Taste of How To Invest

Many investors are caught up in the hype of the S&P given its recent record-breaking performance.  This segment on Fox Business stresses the importance of staying diversified and the perils for investors of chasing “hot” performance.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.   Keep it real, Mark