Fist Fight on CNBC

It got intense with CNBC hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth when I tried to explain why investors need to remain diversified. I also reminded investors that it’s impossible to predict what an individual stock is going to do and for how long, so staying diversified, rebalancing and owning all the stocks in an asset […]


My Recent Appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell!

From the heart and engine of capitalism on the exchange floor, I share where investors should be focused. Owning equities long-term is historically positive for investors, don’t try to time the market – own it! Best regards, Mark


Is The Current Rally The Real Deal?

Is the current rally the real deal? Mark weighs in on the current rally, the fed, and cautions investors about short-term market predictions. Buying equities when they’re down is the opposite of what many investors have been doing in the last twelve months – it takes patience and courage to buy equities when everyone else […]


Capitalism vs. Socialism on CNBC

Let the debate begin. Check out my recent TV appearance that also was featured on Yahoo Finance – you are going to love this segment! Keep it real, Mark


For Once, I Agree with Warren Buffett

Find out what Warren Buffett said that I actually agreed with on this powerful CNBC appearance! Keep it real, Mark


An Important Investing Lesson on CNBC

Most people want to look good in a bathing suit in August, but they are eating pies and candy in December. Check out my appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell where we discussed the recent market volatility and what investors should be focused on right now. Keep it real, Mark


Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

Check out my appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell where we discussed whether or not the traditional asset allocation portfolio is dead. You don’t want to miss this segment! Keep it real, Mark

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Many investors were scared out of stocks in 2008-09 and are still sitting on the sidelines. Check out my message on CNBC for all investors as they explore whether or not to trust the stock market. Keep it real, Mark

An Extremely Powerful Three Minutes!

An Extremely Powerful Three Minutes!

By popular request, check out this montage of my recent national media appearances which debuted at the 2015 Matson Money AAC. If you do nothing else today, make sure you watch and share this video. Keep it real, Mark