A Strong America Is Good For The Whole World

I joined host Neil Cavuto as stocks reached all-time highs to talk about the White House’s role in this year’s market advance. I also delivered my market sentiment and advised why investors shouldn’t try to time the market. Best regards, Mark

Political Turmoil and The Market

I joined “Cavuto: Coast To Coast” to discuss current markets and address political turmoil that extends across the world. I cautioned investors against making decisions based on the political climate and to instead focus on building a portfolio that reflects their personal risk tolerance regardless of short term market swings. Best regards, Mark

Why Are Jobs Great For America?

Are policies that support capitalism and job creation good for America? American citizens want to work… the problem is that American companies face much stricter regulations and expenses to create jobs at home. High corporate taxes, regulations, and employment costs de-incentivize American businesses to create jobs in the U.S. Adopting a pro-growth approach to business […]

Is a Stock Market Collapse Imminent?

Donald Trump recently warned that it is a terrible time to invest right now. Is he right? Check out my appearance with Neil Cavuto where I address this statement and more. Keep it real, Mark

Is It Time To Panic?

The recent market slide has many investors worried and wondering what to do next. Check out my appearance with Neil Cavuto where we discuss what investors should do right now! Keep it real, Mark

Just Like A Chapter From “Atlas Shrugged”

Just Like A Chapter From “Atlas Shrugged”

Banks are seeing big layoffs after big fines from the government. The good news for investors is that this information is already priced in today and that risk can actually increase the expected return for stocks. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Keep it real, Mark

Investors Should Feel the Fear and Invest Anyway

Check out Zack Shepard’s recent appearance on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto where the lack of first quarter market activity was the focus of the discussion. Zack talked about what historically happens for markets when the first quarter is flat and kept the focus long-term for investors. Leave me a comment and let me know […]

Zack Shepard on Cavuto

Check out Zack’s debut on Cavuto discussing the greatest wealth creation tool known to mankind and the recent market volatility that may have investors on edge.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Keep it real, Mark

On Air With Cavuto

Last night I returned to Cavuto to remind people not to jump on the bandwagon for a hot stock. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your portfolio; keep your strategy on target with rebalancing regardless of temporary market swings. Keep it real, Mark