What Market Volatility Means For You

I joined host Liz Claman last week to note my thoughts on current market fluctuations, to remind investors not to let fear of short-term volatility distract them from long-term goals, and to stay focused on the next 20 years. Best regards, Mark

Political Turmoil and The Market

I joined “Cavuto: Coast To Coast” to discuss current markets and address political turmoil that extends across the world. I cautioned investors against making decisions based on the political climate and to instead focus on building a portfolio that reflects their personal risk tolerance regardless of short term market swings. Best regards, Mark

What Do The Election Results Mean To Your Portfolio?

With the surprising results of the election, many Americans are feeling fear and anxiety about the future. What do these election results mean to your financial future? Check out this Special Election episode of Matson Money Live! for some perspective on the political impact on your American Dream. Best regards, Mark

The Fed’s Attempted Jedi Mind Trick

The Federal Reserve’s recent rate hike created a media frenzy and enticed many investors to make knee-jerk reactions based on the news.  Zack Shepard of Matson Money puts it in perspective letting investors know what they should be focused on and how you can manage the frenzy in this recent BNN appearance. Keep it real, […]

Investment News Exclusive: Online Addiction

In this era of instant gratification, 24-hour news channels and robo-advice, how can you try to overcome online investing addictions that can be detrimental to your wealth? Zack Shepard of Matson Money has some advice in this interview with Investment News. Keep it real, Mark

Investor Symposium Exclusive: Online Addiction

Internet addiction is a growing problem penetrating households across the world with gambling being one of the top culprits. Studies show that 75% of investment advised clients have online accounts on the side.* In this video, discover how many online trading/brokerage platforms are designed and function much like online casinos which can be extremely dangerous […]

The Greek Debacle Quick Hit

You asked, so here it is. This video pretty much gives you everything you need to know regarding the Greek economic turmoil, country defaults and the effect these things can have on markets summed up in under nine minutes! Keep it real, Mark

How to Hedge Your Portfolio

How to Hedge Your Portfolio

Check out Zack Shepard’s appearance on Fox Business where he discussed sticking to a prudent investment strategy regardless of market conditions and how investors should really hedge market risk…hint: it’s not hedge funds. Keep it real, Mark

Just Like A Chapter From “Atlas Shrugged”

Just Like A Chapter From “Atlas Shrugged”

Banks are seeing big layoffs after big fines from the government. The good news for investors is that this information is already priced in today and that risk can actually increase the expected return for stocks. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Keep it real, Mark