My Recent Appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell!

From the heart and engine of capitalism on the exchange floor, I share where investors should be focused. Owning equities long-term is historically positive for investors, don’t try to time the market – own it! Best regards, Mark

Is There Already a Global Bear Market?

Has a bear market set in and if so, what should investors do about it right now? Find out the answer in this MUST WATCH Fox Business segment with Deirdre Bolton! Keep it real, Mark

Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?

Check out my appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell where we discussed whether or not the traditional asset allocation portfolio is dead. You don’t want to miss this segment! Keep it real, Mark

Fallacies of the Fed in Five

From interest rates to money supply to the stock market, I reveal many common fallacies surrounding the Federal Reserve in under five minutes! Keep it real, Mark

Investor Symposium Exclusive: The Millennial Initiative

How can we get Millennials to take initiative and get excited about their financial futures? Mark Matson and his daughter Amanda Lawson explain how to use the awesome power of family to help young investors at the 2015 Matson Money Investor Symposium. Watch the video now. Keep it real, Mark

One Incredible Fox Business Segment

There are so many awesome zingers in this clip, we couldn’t even list them all! You will love this video. Check it out! Keep it real, Mark

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Own Equities Until You Can’t Fog A Mirror

Many investors were scared out of stocks in 2008-09 and are still sitting on the sidelines. Check out my message on CNBC for all investors as they explore whether or not to trust the stock market. Keep it real, Mark

Two Investments To Avoid At All Costs

Two Investments To Avoid At All Costs

Check out Zack Shepard’s appearance on After The Bell with Liz Claman and David Asman where he reveals two very popular investments to avoid and discusses the importance of diversification. Keep it real, Mark

It Gets Heated on CNBC

Ok gang… this one gets ugly before it’s over.  Watch me take on two CNBC talking heads simultaneously.  It’s hard to get anyone to understand something they get paid not to. Keep it real, Mark