The Fed’s Attempted Jedi Mind Trick

The Federal Reserve’s recent rate hike created a media frenzy and enticed many investors to make knee-jerk reactions based on the news.  Zack Shepard of Matson Money puts it in perspective letting investors know what they should be focused on and how you can manage the frenzy in this recent BNN appearance. Keep it real, […]

Investor Symposium Exclusive: Developing a Habit of Investing for Success

Habits drive our decision making every day, all day. Casinos and Wall Street know this and utilize habit loops to encourage you to speculate and gamble with your money. In this powerful video, you will learn how to demolish destructive routines, eliminate speculating and gambling with your portfolio as well as how investor coaching can […]

Economists are Predicting a Recession

With doom and gloom in the air and economists predicting a recession, what’s an investor to do? Check out Zack Shepard on Risk and Reward answering that question for investors and explaining how true capitalism is the ultimate road to morality. Keep it real, Mark

It Gets Heated on CNBC

Ok gang… this one gets ugly before it’s over.  Watch me take on two CNBC talking heads simultaneously.  It’s hard to get anyone to understand something they get paid not to. Keep it real, Mark

Don’t Forsake International Diversification

Don’t Forsake International Diversification

Check out Zack Shepard’s appearance on Fox Business where he illustrates the premium available in small value stocks by highlighting a few of the holdings representative of the small value class. In addition, discussion surrounded investing in just the US vs. investing globally; right now many investors are myopically focused on just the US when […]

The Worst Decision Ever

Check out my appearance on “Money with Melissa Francis” where we talked about new polls showing investors shunning equities in favor of real estate. She also asked me to stick around for a bonus segment in which I was able to discuss the danger of investing in IPOs. Leave me a comment and let me […]

Zack Shepard on Cavuto

Check out Zack’s debut on Cavuto discussing the greatest wealth creation tool known to mankind and the recent market volatility that may have investors on edge.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Keep it real, Mark

The Only Thing Saving This Economy

The Only Thing Saving This Economy

Check out my recent appearance on Fox Business where we discussed the jobs report and hardworking entrepreneurs and small businesses who are saving this economy. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Keep it real, Mark

Has America Lost Respect?

Has America Lost Respect?

Check out my appearance with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business where we discussed the recent closure of the NYSE due to the tragic Hurricane Sandy and the implications these things have on markets. America didn’t lose respect in the World for closing markets, we lost respect for massive borrowing and deficits. Keep it real, Mark