A Strong America Is Good For The Whole World

I joined host Neil Cavuto as stocks reached all-time highs to talk about the White House’s role in this year’s market advance. I also delivered my market sentiment and advised why investors shouldn’t try to time the market. Best regards, Mark

President Trump’s First 100 Days

Check out this Fox Business clip where I joined host Neil Cavuto to discuss President Trump’s first 100 days and whether critics should consider the recent market optimism as a big win. Best regards, Mark

Matson Money Investor Symposium 2016: Terrance Odean

Matson Money Academic Advisory Board member, Terrance Odean took the stage to discuss how people make financial decisions and how profoundly our decisions can affect our financial future. He illustrates how consistency in financial decision making and building good habits for saving and spending can help make for better long-term results. Best regards, Mark Matson

A Taste of How To Invest

A Taste of How To Invest

Many investors are caught up in the hype of the S&P given its recent record-breaking performance.  This segment on Fox Business stresses the importance of staying diversified and the perils for investors of chasing “hot” performance.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.   Keep it real, Mark

Don’t Forsake International Diversification

Don’t Forsake International Diversification

Check out Zack Shepard’s appearance on Fox Business where he illustrates the premium available in small value stocks by highlighting a few of the holdings representative of the small value class. In addition, discussion surrounded investing in just the US vs. investing globally; right now many investors are myopically focused on just the US when […]

The Worst Decision Ever

Check out my appearance on “Money with Melissa Francis” where we talked about new polls showing investors shunning equities in favor of real estate. She also asked me to stick around for a bonus segment in which I was able to discuss the danger of investing in IPOs. Leave me a comment and let me […]

Who’s to Blame for the Foreclosure Mess?

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Mark’s Appearance on BNN

During my recent media tour in New York, I was asked to stop by the NASDAQ floor and discuss my market opinion (as you know always bullish) with the Canadian based Business News Network. We covered everything from the Olympics to some of the Canadian holdings in our portfolios. Leave me a comment and let […]

National Media Appearance: September 1, 2009

I did a media tour in New York this week, here’s the first clip from my appearance. More to come…